A Place for Sport Policy. 

The issues investigated by the CSPC include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • role of government policy in sport management on a national and international scale
  • sport management curriculum development that embraces current and future research in the area of core competencies
  • international perspectives of sport such as “Sport for All”
  • violence, aggression, and deviance in sport
  • violence prevention strategies
  • the linkage of recreational sport and drug/crime reduction
  • youth development
  • role of coaches and parents in youth sport
  • role of recreational sports in society

The research conducted will include statistical methodology such as empirical studies, multivariate analyses, and qualitative approaches. Replication studies on a variety of the above issues will be conducted on existing studies to validate findings and to include a broader range of settings. Specific studies of targeted age cohorts (i.e. youth-at-risk, adult populations) will be encouraged as well as assessments of risk management practices and health practices in the sport environment.




How big a role should government play in sport policy? Join the Conversation. 


Aggression in Sports

The causes of violence and aggression are claffified by what 


Role of coaches

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