Darrrin Crutcher Sportography

Tabb Raiders (2003)-
This was a great opportunity for me to get the basic fundamentals down and perfected. The coach recruited me a year early and would make sure that I was still going play for his team.
I ended up playing for my god fathers team which is why I ended up leaving.
Dads Club Cowboys (04-06)
Playing football for this team is where I would eventually elevate my game and become an all-star and a 2x champion of the league.
I had to move up to a different age group.
Brookside Lions (07-09)
This team was where I decided to have my coach James help me transition my game from recreation to competitive high intensity style football. I became better prepared for the middle school style of football.
I became too old to play youth football, so I turned to middle school football.
Warren Central Tomahawks (03-08).
This was the travel team that I played for after my regular season teams ended. This opportunity gave me a chance to travel and see cities that I wouldn’t have the chance to see. This league was very competitive and fast pace. I got to travel to places like Florida, California, Texas, New York, Iowa, Cleveland, Ohio, Tennessee, and other places.
I dropped this sport once I became too old to participate for this team.